What kind of people are we looking for?
  • We don’t like experts, we prefer people who are always willing to learn and are able to learn quickly
  • Not a mere task taker.
  • Ability to work with deliverables in mind.
  • Entrepreneurial instinct beyond the office cubicle
  • Intelligence to do multitasking and prioritization of work
  • Excellent communication skills- written oral and articulation.
  • Ability to initiate/participate with intelligence, thoughtful new ideas in business discussion and meetings.
  • Instinct of exhaustive reading, research, analysis beyond the conventional format and adding value to the deliverables
  • Strong strategic bent with an inclination towards learning and contributing.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to work with cross-functional areas of business.
  • Zeal to be driven by productivity than by activity
  • Self discipline and ability to do work with self-supervision.
  • You do what you preach, or at least try
  • You not only work hard, you party hard too
  • You have an eye for detail
  • If you’re a (regular) blogger, we already love you!
  • You are a DIY person. Period
Digitally Next Thanos
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Creative Content Writer

Playing with words is good, for us, and for our Clients. Looking for someone who can live through the concept and deliver the message hitting straight to the target audience. Someone who puts magic in the words to be cherished forever.

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Visual Treat Creator aka Designer

Fine Arts, Visual Finesse and Visual Treat is what our clients demand. We are looking for the Modern-day Artists who can be inspired by Michelangelo, and knows how to create captivating visual treats for the audience of 2019!

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Video/Motion Graphics Artist

Moving with the pace of the world, and wanting to get ahead. We like telling stories through the most convenient mode of communication in 2019. Looking for someone who can make communication easier and effective by beautiful videos, ready to shake the world.

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Social Media Executive

How can we even run an agency without you, our dear Social Media Expert! If you know how to make the Social Media accounts speak for themselves, please get in touch and help us in making our clients happy, maybe gay too!

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