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What kind of people are we looking for?

Digitally Next – Company Overview

Digitally Next is for End2End Digital-Social Media and Internet Marketing services.
Digitally Next is Big Enough to Deliver (yet small enough to care) as a strategic partner, virtual/extended office or a personal branding partner.

We happily serve:
1. SMB (Small & Medium Business)
2. Self Employed Professional
3. Media Agency (B2B & B2C)
4. Startups
5. E-Commerce or a Large Corporation
6. Education Entity
We help our clients to achieve either or all business goals:
1. Online Lead Generation
2. Total Brand Management (Right from the Scratch)
3. Niche/ Though Leadership Marketing
4. Building Alliances and Partnership
5. Sourcing and Collaboration
6. Community Building and Engagement
We work at all levels of Digital/Social media -covering Business, Functional and Operational levels.

Our Service portfolio includes-
1. Digital & Social Media- Consulting, Training, Campaigns and Projects
2. Total Online/ Personal Branding
3. Digital Social Media Marketing Office
4. ITES/ Pre Sales Support/ Market Process Outsourcing

We put to action our Proprietary Frameworks, Methodologies and Models which are tried and tested. Some of them are:
1. C-Suite © (Digital Media Campaign Design & Implementation)
2. KASA © (Total Online/Personal Branding)
3. PROFIT © (Virtual Digital Social Media Marketing Office)
4. Power of 5 (Web, Content, Visuals, Internet Marketing & Social Media Campaign)

How We provide an Edge to our Clients-
• Professional Working with Proprietary Methodologies making us more Process & Results oriented
• Integrated Project Management best practices ( as learnt from IT/ITES) in to Digital/Social Media Campaigns
• Work at all 3 levels-Strategy to Planning to Implementation. Business, Functional and Operational
• Ensuring Real Time Communication to give transparent visibility on Time and Efforts as put on your campaigns
• Working with Market/Web Analytics to ensure maximum RoI

Job Description(Major KRAs) –

RFX/Proposal/Tender/Bid Management-

  1. Preparing and implementation of GTM for Digitally Next covering
    • Database Profiling & Marketing – Email and Messaging Campaigns
    • Regional/Target segment outreach – India and Abroad | Agencies / Country Specific Associations | Advisory Councils | Community/Forum Involvement
  2. Presales Marketing Communication
    • Sales Kit preparation – Sales Presentations | Case Studies | Emails | Social Media Updates
    • Seeking and Response to RFI/RFPs services/country specific :
  • response preparation
  • final submission packaging as per the checklist
    • Response preparation for prospects
    • Keeping effective communication by understanding B2B decision making cycle


  1. Repository Management, Account Review & Analytics
    • Maintaining and profiling all the responses
    • Keeping and categorizing of response sections for the quick turn around
    • Work specific presentation – Success rate and conversions
    • Analytics specific to the way forward
    • Developing custom marketing dashboard concepts for client reporting via Excel
    • Reporting on key metrics, analyzing and interpreting trends and providing actionable insights based on available analytics and marketing data
    • Analyzing the effect of different online and offline channels on each other and developing and implementing innovative strategies for improvement and growth
    • Analyzing online user behavior, conversion data and customer journeys, funnel analysis and multi-channel attribution
    • Performing ROI analysis to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of different marketing campaign
  2. Alliances & Partnerships
    • Selection & Appointment of – Channel Partners & Companies ( country/region specific )
    • Selection and building a bench of partners for Co-Branding/Co-Host Partners and Affiliations with Allied Entities | Groups
    • Local reach out to communities, groups and PR associations
  3. Market Research
  1. Secondary Research
  • Perform valid and reliable market research SWOT analysis
  • Interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations
  • Use online market research and catalogue findings to databases
  • Compile and analyze statistical data using modern and traditional methods to collect it
  1. Campaign strategy
  • Identifying client objectives and advising on suitable measurement strategies
  • Benchmarking performance across all online channels and advising on KPIs
  • Using methodical performance analysis to influence/support campaign strategies 


What kind of people are we looking for? Simple:

  • We don’t like experts, we prefer people who are always willing to learn and are able to learn quickly
  • Not a mere task taker.
  • Ability to work with deliverables in mind.
  • Entrepreneurial instinct beyond office cubicle
  • Intelligence to do multitasking and prioritization of work
  • Excellent communication skills- written oral and articulation.
  • Ability to initiate/participate with intelligence, thoughtful new ideas in business discussion and meetings.
  • Instinct of exhaustive reading, research ,analysis beyond the conventional format and adding value to the deliverables
  • Strong strategic bent with inclination towards learning and contributing.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to work with cross-functional areas of business.
  • Zeal to be driven by productivity than by activity
  • Self discipline and ability to do work with self supervision.
  • You do what you preach, or at least try
  • You not only work hard, you party hard too
  • You have an eye for detail
  • If you’re a (regular) blogger, we already love you!
  • You are a DIY person. Period


Happy Learning & Growing

Best Regards

Manpreet Jangra

AVP – Digital Campaigns

Digitally Next


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