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The best way to find the relevant topic to engage your audience is to know who your audience is. In other words, put yourself in their shoes and then think of a topic.

#Select a newsworthy topic or something which is in TREND!

Be the first one to cash in on latest trends. Writing on latest trends is a great way to engage your audience and grow your audience at the same time. Write on something that is so good that people want to talk about it. Your audience should feel like telling about it to the world. This would surely increase the engagement on your blog.

#Choose topics that are little edgy to write on

Make people inquisitive about the blog. Let the topic be bold and catch reader’s attention. It’s perfectly fine to write on something which is considered negative or wrong at that point. Sometimes you need to push your limits to get that extra attention. Everyone loves to read some juicy things. Give that taste to your readers. You don’t need to write on something which is not true but you can always give your point of view. Ultimately, it is your blog and only you get to decide what to write and what not. You need to keep in mind that blogs are in abundance, what are you offering that audience should be diverted to you.

Pen-down those topics which are not very general and write them in detail. Investing more time is more fruitful than anything. Remember, one good blog is better than two not-so-good blogs. Keep your headlines crisp as they can make or break the success of your content.

#Forget this ‘log kya kahenge’

You need to remember that your audience is not there for some piece of plain information. They want to know something extra.  If you want to write that controversial statement, go for it. Don’t think what ‘log kya kahenge’. That is your space and you own it. People know Arnab Goswami because he crossed that bridge of what people will say. He literally owned his show. You should know everyone looks for quality content and once they get what they are looking for they tend to stick to it.


Any topic you may choose but it would thrive on the ripples it would create. This could be through any medium. So make sure that your topic and its content should leave an audience with a thought to ponder even after they have finished reading it. They should keep it in their short-term memory. Ultimately the more people talk about it the more audience you will have on your blog.

#Experiment with the way you write

There are lot more to publish than just a straight blog post. Sometimes a topic would be interesting but its writing style would kill it. Options are what everyone looks for, try to give the same to your readers. The other styles can be:



Interview style

Story Telling

When adopting different styles, you increase your chances of tapping a different set of audience which you could’ve missed out because of the same style.

#Close the loop

Everything said and done but by you! Getting feedback should be your topmost priority. If you want to build up your audience and keep them from fading away, ask your audience what’s missing or what you could do to get the word out there more. Ask them what interests them the most, call them forward, let them tell their stories and you never know you can get your jackpot topic from their suggestions only